Eat What You Want Day 2018

Eat What You Want Day 2018

Eat what you want day 2018

Eat What You Want Day is celebrated every year on 11th May. This is a fun day in which to celebrate food and to eat exactly what you want. Pizza for breakfast? No problem. Chocolate for lunch? Go for it! But, it’s also a day to try different cuisine from around the world. Below we offer some food inspiration from around the globe for you to try at home or out on the town:

1. Masala dosa, India

This is a crispy crepe made from rice batter. Inside is a mashed potato that has been mixed with strong spices. Made for dipping in tomato sauce or coconut chutney, it makes for a special breakfast treat!

2. Seafood paella, Spain

This Spanish dish is a combination of mussels, lobster, and shrimp, served with boiled rice and herbs. Perfect for that evening meal and pretending you’re in a sunnier climate.

3. Som tam, Thailand

Thailand’s most popular salad is made by grinding together chillies and garlic. You then add tamarind juice, peanuts, fish sauce, tomatoes, string beans and lime juice. It’s served with sticky rice. But be warned, it’s hot!

4. Poutine, Canada

This is most definitely an indulgent snack and one for cheese lovers. Poutine consists of fries that have been covered in cheese sauce and then brown gravy. This dish may not look very tempting, but it tastes great.

5. French toast, Hong Kong

This is the food equivalent of a friendly, comforting hug. Take two slices of toast and cover with peanut butter, steep in a batter of egg and then fry until golden. It should always be served with golden syrup. Definitely for those with a sweet tooth!

6. Champ, Ireland

This national dish goes down well with a pint of Guinness. It’s cheap, cheerful, and easy to make. Simply mash a potato together with butter, spring onions, and salt and pepper to taste. Works well as a side dish or a hearty meal.

Make the most of Eat What You Want Day this year by trying a selection of foods from around the world. Eat in the comfort of your own home, or try a new restaurant. Just remember it’s a day of fun, and you can eat what you like!